Welcome to COMN 3101!

Welcome to the course site for COMN 3101: Contemporary Communication Theory. This site will be the primary way for you to access the readings, the course outline, descriptions of the assignments and any other information related to the course.

I’ll be using this part of the site for a few things:

Updates: Any changes related to meeting times, readings, etc. I’ll update information here as well as sending messages to your preferred email address.

Related information: Anything that I happen across that might be of relevance to the course, class discussion, or people who are interested in communication in general. You are also welcome to post things here as well, as long as they are relevant to the course.

Weekly Prompts: To help you as you work with the texts, I’ll try to post regular reading prompts, so help you focus your reading and interpretation of the assigned texts. If you have a question that you’d like us to consider in class, feel free to ask here via the website as well as well.

The new term starts now!