Over the course of the term, you are expected to submit four assignments. The general parameters of the assignments are as follows:

Topics: You will be given a prompt, a statement or a question that will orient your assignment. These will be posted on the course website before the first class of a new unit (you are responsible for logging in to view them, failure to adequately address the prompt will result in a failing grade.)

Assignment Structure: The assignments are designed to have you put theory into practice. No more than 20% (approximately one page) should be used to summarize the course readings. For each assignment, you will be asked to locate an example that you are able to explain using the readings from that unit. To explain and analyze the example you have chosen, you will be expected to find secondary sources.

Formatting: Assignments are to be five to seven pages in length, written in Times New Roman fonts 12-point type, with one-inch margins. Pages are to be numbered and your name is to be written on the front page (no title page is necessary.) All pages must be stapled or fixed together using a paper clip. Articles are to properly cite material from both the course and any secondary material you use (for the consequence of failing to do so, see plagiarism policy.) Citations should be in APA (6th edition) format. Resources outlining this format are available online here.

Due Dates: Assignments are due one week after the end of a unit. The due dates for the assignments are as follows:


Course Material to be Covered in Assignment
January 27 Assignment for weeks two and three
February 10 Assignments for weeks four and five
March 3 Assignments for weeks six and seven
March 17 Assignments for weeks eight and nine
 March 31 Assignments for weeks ten and eleven

Grades will be deducted from late assignments according to the course policy for late assignments (see course information page for more information.)

Further information: It is the responsibility of the student to ask for clarification on any component of the assignment that they do not understand. Students should keep in mind the course policy regarding email when asking for clarification.